Who wants to know the real history of terrorism in Brazil during 60 and 70´s must read a book recently published called "A Verdade Sufocada" ( "The Suffocated Truth" by Colonel Brilhante Ustra – only in portuguese).

In one of the chapters of the book, called "Revolutionary Armed Movement - and the "boys of Flavio Tavares", shows in details one of these episodes. In this case shows as the prison Lemos e Britto in Rio De Janeiro was taken by a criminal organization directed by the political prisoners. Common criminals had been lead by the former. They had free militants acting as carrier pigeons to the mother organization. One of these carrier pigeons was (now famous) jourmalist Flavio Tavares.

In May, 26th, 1969 the group executed their escape plan: a guard was killed and several other wounded. Later most of the group was imprisoned. Flávio Tavares, in his book "Memórias do Esquecimento" ("Memories of the Forgetting") , deals with all his fierce radical left militancy as an "history of emotion and lyricism", as it was all about a poetry book . He went farter: He used to called the criminals (political and common ones) as "his boys". Therefore the "boys" had killed a policeman, had wounded others two and had left other one disabled. This was an example, a microcosm, of the genesis of organization like "Comando Vermelho" ("Red Command") and the "PCC".

Most ironic was to see tv networks, trying to get answers from our parliamentarians, only interviewed left representatives, much of them people that supported actions described above.

Former (?) revolutionaries from 1964 generation must be really excited. The seeds they planted during last 40 years are blooming (and booming).

But far beyond this victory, another one was evident: Brazil has won Iraq in number of victims last weekend. It was Brazil 55 X Iraq 30.

We can say that we are in the middle of a civil war.. And all people see it´s 2006 World Soccer Cup. It´s Brazil in the path of "Hexa World Cup Championship!"

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